Phil Godenschwager

Phil is a multi-faceted artist with a background in drawing, design and sculpture having 35 to 50 years working in the art and design fields. He has operated from his studio, Atlantic Art, Glass and Design in Randolph, Vermont since 1988. His work often deals with social and political issues, current events and observations about everyday life.
Growing up in a military family, he moved more than a dozen times before graduating from high school. The experience gave him a unique perspective on the variety of cultures in the world as well as the innumerable number of ways one might see any situation. This perspective continues to inform his art to this day. He has become the consummate observer. His job as an artist is to see and respond and hopefully to open the doors to communication in the process.

Phil had the unique experience of learning to paint from a kindly Japanese teacher in the Philippines at the age of 8 and to draw from life on the steps of the Acropolis while in high school in Athens Greece. Drawing was always the one constant that traveled with him as he grew up. He graduated with honors in art from Fort Knox high school in Kentucky, received his BFA in Graphic Design from Ohio University and his MFA from Vermont College of Norwich University, with an emphasis on glass as a medium for sculpture.

Phil has, during his career, designed packages for Procter and Gamble, Rock-n-Roll concert posters, Auto shows for Chrysler, restored a turn of the century amusement park in Pennsylvania, designed numerous wood and gas stoves in Vermont, art directed a 30' clock tower for FAO Schwarz in NYC, designed and built the world's second largest Kaleidoscope, installed amusement rides in Japan, and instructed an Italian company how to make 3-D animatronic characters. He has taught continuing education classes to adults in stained glass fabrication and architectural board drafting to college freshmen. He has illustrated for magazines and designed several houses. In short, a life lived making art. He hopes to continue to do so for the rest of my days. What more could anyone ask for?



"How does Vermont continue to grow while preserving what makes it unique?"

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