Phil's stained glass windows are an integral part of the chapel at the Vermont Veterans’ Cemetery in Randolph Center.



Scattered Art

“Atlantic Art Glass and Design”
PhilLip Godenschwager,
is a versatile artist/designer 
 also known for his 
stained glass work, architectural 
​interior and product design.

“It’s not very often that, as an artist, I get to go into my studio with a goal in mind, and be afforded the time to actually

do it."


The walls of artist Phil Godenschwager’s Randolph, Vermont  studio tell a story. Amid the knickknacks and photographs is the first paint-spattered palette he used as a child, his framed 1969 draft card, and one of his college drawings: a visual record of 1970, the year he graduated from Ohio University.

“Even artists have to work; even us old artists have to work,” Phil says wryly.

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Phil's convictions are that the rural, unspoiled beauty of Vermont be preserved and maintained for future generations. 

Phil Godenschwager

Phil Godenschwager's phantasmagorical 2D and 3D works use cartoon imagery to depict the social and political horrors of our time.

Artist • Designer